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RV Waste System Repair Calgary

Why won’t my toilet dump?

The RV lifestyle is a fun and scenic way to spend good quality family time. But, there is a dark side to all of this fun. We all need to go to the washroom and the waste needs to go somewhere.

Why does my tub drain so slowly?

Most RV’s today are equipped with a bathroom, which means it will also have the system to store and dispose of waste. This is divided into three separate systems. The fresh water tank for supply of fresh water to the unit. The Grey water holding tank that all the sinks and tub/shower water runs into, and the Black water holding tank stores all the waste from the toilet(s).

Proper use and maintenance  is critical for these systems to work properly. Along with the tanks your RV will also have a series of pipes and valves to dump the holding tanks and a stuck or broken valve may be your issue. 

Why is my sink backing up?

What kind of toilet paper should I use in my RV?

The key to keeping your system from clogging or backing up is to use the proper type of RV toilet or biodegradable toilet paper and a sufficient amount of water to keep everything flowing. One of the biggest errors an inexperienced RV owner will make is to be at a “full hook up “ facility and have the valves open so everything flows out immediately while the system is in use. This causes the liquid in the tanks to flow out and leaves any solids and paper building up in the tank. It is best to let everything fill up in the tank and dump it all out at the end of your stay. Many of the new units these days also have a flush out system that a pressurized hose can be attached to and flush the tanks clean. If not, you can also flush the toilet using the pedal and flush out the tank to a certain extent.

Where can I get my trailer toilet repaired?
When you have an issue with your system it is probably best to first try and fill your system and see if you can get the system working. If it is a valve you need that repaired before you can use the system again.

If not you can call the professionals at Swift RV Repairs and we can diagnose the issue, repair the problem and get you back on the road again.


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calgary rv trailer repair
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