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RV Trailer Repairs Calgary

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Swift RV Repairs Inc.

As you are aware, this Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world and our immediate community at a very fast rate. We are closely monitoring the developing COVID-19 situation and following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Swift RV Repairs will remain open during this time as an essential service.  We have a ‘skeleton crew’ here to serve our customers. We are taking the following steps to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and ensure your safety by:

• disinfecting payment equipment, and door 
• our technicians always wear gloves when
  they enter your RV

We would like to maintain the practice of keeping physical distance from others as much as possible. You may leave your RV at our shop for service; we have a ‘key drop’ where you can leave your keys, and we can discuss your RV’s concerns via phone
Feel free to call us at 403-919-4911

We ask that anyone with flu-like symptoms to refrain from visiting our shop until after the prescribed quarantine period of 14 days.
We are committed to taking all necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Best regards,

Dave Forrest on behalf of the Swift RV team

Hail & Cosmetic Repairs

We welcome all type of Cosmetic Body Repairs and Hail Damage claims whether they be insurance or private claims. 

Service Package 1

Repack wheel bearings, check operation of electric brakes for safe performance, parts and labor incl. 

RV Trailer Repairs Alberta On-site

Appliances: We service and repair all makes of RV appliances. Some of these repairs can be easily resolved on site.

Your On-Call -RV Trailer Repairs – Specialist

I am Dave Forrest and the founder of Swift RV Repairs. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and getting you back on the road “SWIFTLY”. Swift RV Trailer Repairs Calgary provides a proactive approach to RV Service. RV repairs can become very expensive if left too long. However, some of these repairs can be avoided with a proactive approach to regular routine maintenance.Swift RV Trailer Repairs Calgary fire

Nothing is more frustrating than to have your RV packed and ready to go, only to find that you have an electrical issue with your 12 volt connector when you plug it in.

Tips, Tricks & How to’s


Nothing is more frustrating than to have your RV packed and ready to go, only to find that you have a flat tire. Here a tip on how to change your tire quickly.

Happy Easter from Swift RV repairs!

Spring Break and Easter long weekend are approaching fast. Book an appointment now for your RV de-winterizing, or 'Safe 'n Sound' inspection, so you can go camping worry-free! Call 403-919-4911

Furnace repairs

We have had a few repairs this summer where customers have removed the furnaces from their RV, and brought them into our shop for repairs. We cleaned out the combustion chamber and adjusted the spark ignitor and then bench tested the furnace for results. Everything...

Leaking roof repair RV

Just when you thought you were ready to go on your first planned camping trip of the season, guess what? You find out that you need a roof repair because it has been leaking. Water has run down through the roof and the walls of your trailer... which has caused...