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How do I fix the awning on my RV?

When it comes to maintenance on your RV one thing that is often overlooked is your awning. It’s easily overlooked because out of sight out of mind. Even though it’s right there in front of you, it’s often hard to spot tucked away neatly against the side of the trailer. But once you arrive at your camping destination it's one of the first things that gets put out after you unhitch and set the jacks. 
Your awning is important to your camping experience regardless of the weather. If it's hot and sunny it will provide shade and cover from the rain on the rainy days. The last thing you want is to find out the hard way that there is an issue with your awning. 
It should be inspected at least at the beginning of each season. It should be cleaned a couple times a year to keep the fabric from drying out from dust and debris. Make sure you only use a product designed to be used on your awning. Check your manufacturer recommendation to be sure.


Can I change the fabric on my Awning or do I have to change the whole thing?

When you do inspect your awning make sure you check both top and bottom sides and all the seams to see if any damage has occurred. Damage can be from a lot of different sources: sun, moisture, mold and mildew, dry rot from being put away wet for a longer period of time or tree branches. 
When you are going to be away from your unit for a longer period of time it's best to put your awning away. If you leave it out unattended it could be caught up by a gust of wind or damaged by a heavy rain storm.

When you do use your awning make sure when you put it away that the fabric and arms retract properly and everything is secured properly. I think we all have seen awnings in the ditch or on the side of the road that have been torn off enroute because it wasn't secured properly. An incident like that can cause a great deal more damage to your unit. Not only the awning fabric, arms and tube, but also the trailer itself. The points that the awning is fastened to the unit could be pulled out and your siding or roof could also get damaged.


Are all awning parts compatible with each other?

Not all manufacturers' parts are compatible at the moment but a standardization of the parts is coming. But for right now you need to know the type of awning arm and type of system you have in order to put the correct parts back on. 

How much does it cost to fix my Awning on my RV?

Swift RV Repairs has licensed/certified and experienced RV Technicians that can repair or replace your awning fabric or any parts that might be damaged. Give us a call and make your appointment for all your RV inspections and repairs. 403-919-4911

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