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RV Hail Damage Repair Calgary

Can I fix the hail damage on my RV?

In recent years severe weather, wind storms, heavy rain and hail have been a part of living in Southern Alberta. When you own an RV you would like to cover your unit in bubble wrap when you hear the reports of possible hail coming to your area. But that simply is not possible or at least not practical.So the best thing to do is have insurance coverage for protecting you in the event your unit is damaged. The cost just may pay off in the long run.

Can I claim hail damage on my insurance?

At Swift RV repairs we will work with you and your insurance company to get your unit repaired and back on the road again.

Does Fiberglass dent?

Whether you have aluminum siding, or a fiberglass Filon finish, hail can cause major damage to your RV. Fiberglass will dent and crack and as for your aluminum siding it will not take much to cause dents and your Filon may have small spider cracks in it where moisture can get in. Even though there are companies with the technology to take out the dents, these processes don't work well on RV’s based on how they are put together. More than likely if your exterior panels are damaged they will have to be replaced. If this is the case chances are good that your roof being a rubber roof has probably sustained some damage as well. If either or both of these systems are damaged from hail the chance that water is seeping in is likely. The sooner you get this fixed the better. 
The other components on your unit that may be damaged by hail are vents, air conditioning units (particularly the shroud or cover), solar panels and skylights just to mention a few.
The other factor when doing the repairs on hail damaged units is the amount of time required to take apart all the other components that are connected to siding and roof such as the water heater, air conditioner, furnace and fridge compartments and housings. Every compartment that has access from the outside will need to be taken apart to change the siding.

Is hail damage expensive to fix?

Doing this type of repair is a very big job and is probably best left to the professionals.
At Swift RV Repairs we have the licensed/certified and experienced RV technicians and access to all the parts to get your unit fixed up and back on the road again.Give us a call and book your appointment today 403-919-4911

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calgary rv trailer repair
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