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Swift RV Trailer Repairs Calgary REVIEWS

Tyler C.

When Tyler C. brought in his 13 ft single axle 1974 Vanguard travel trailer, we were all surprised to see that this unit is looking great inside and out, and in remarkable good condition! 
It only confirms again that not all older RV’s are beyond repair, and our awesome RV tech Geoff gladly took on the job to replace the propane regulator.
He also put on a smaller size tongue jack foot, and he provided some valuable advice regarding his portable solar panel.

Tyler told us that his family of 4 absolutely loves going camping with this little unit, and he already has quite a number of bookings secured at several of our beautiful Alberta Parks in the coming months.

We were happy to help this customer 'Get Back on the Road Again!’
Safe ’n Sound travels!

Amazing Service! We will be back.'

Phyllis & Jan

reviews swift rv repairs phyllis and jan

No power when plugged into shore power!

Phyllis and Jan from Florida USA, were traveling through our beautiful Canadian Rockies with their 2020 Winnebago View Class C motorhome, when suddenly they found themselves without power when plugged into shore power at their Banff campground with full (working) amenities. They googled RV repairs and found us on page 1 👍🏼☺️ so they made the phone call to us and we arranged for them to come to our shop right away.
When they showed us that they had power when the generator was running, our journeyman RV technician Stacy diagnosed a faulty transfer switch. We ordered and picked up a brand new one, then replaced it inside their RV. When tested, everything worked just fine again!
Phyllis and Jan, and their 2 adorable dogs could happily resume their travels on the same day! 
'We appreciated the “swift”, efficient and friendly service when we were without power while many miles from home - with many more to go.
Jan + Phyl.


reviews swift rv repairs sophie montreal

Brake problems!

We received a phone call from a new customer, Sophie, who was traveling with her 2020 Prolite Evasion single axle travel trailer from Montreal to Alberta, and going on to Montana, USA.

She told us that while driving, her RV was constantly trying to pull to one side, a clear indication that something was wrong with the brakes. Although we were all booked up for the week, we recognized an emergency situation and asked her to bring in her trailer to us right away, which she did the very next morning.

Our RV tech Geoff took the trailer into the shop and did an inspection of the brakes and bearings. Indeed he found that the passenger side brake wiring was not connected. He also determined that a repack of the bearings was necessary. On top of everything else, he installed a new brake away cable, as the original one was very worn and about to break. Everything was completed, tested and working great again.
Thanks Geoff, for doing a swift job and making our customer super happy!

‘J’ai reçu un excellent service. Mon RV est en ordre grâce à Swift RV repairs je vais pouvoir retourner à MTL en sécurité.
(I received excellent service. My RV is in order thanks to Swift RV repairs. I will be able to return to MTL in safety. Thanks)

Sophie 🤍

Tracy & Dan

These two camping loving RV-ers have been our customers since their first owned Tent Trailer. When they found this very nice Rockwood Ultralite Travel Trailer for sale about 3 years ago, they fell completely in love with it and bought it right away. Fast forward to 2023, their trailer now needed some service, and Swift RV repairs was very happy to help them out.

Besides de-winterizing, we did a brakes inspection and bearing repack - we replaced all 4 tires with brand new ones, then installed a new shore power device.
Our certified RV techs found a problem with the operation of the main living room slide: both slide gear boxes had to be replaced, and the slide arms lubed.  Now the slide operation is working smooth, and Tracy & Dan can get back on the road again!

'Honest, Friendly Service!
Highly recommend!
Thank you Dave + Marianne!
Dan + Tracy! :)
Happy Camping!!'

Keith & Michele

reviews swift rv repairs keith michele
The Swift RV Repairs list with customers from south of our Canadian Border is growing steadily!
We were happy to be able to help Keith & Michele from Utah, who had an urgent problem with their New Style Dometic Water Heater, while camping with their 2019 Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailer in Banff, AB. It was not working on gas, nor on electricity. After inspecting and checking the 12V battery system first we found no issues, until we inspected and tested the thermal cut-off. There was no 12V connectivity passing through, so we had to remove it and replace it with a brand new one. The water heater then ignited immediately, a simple fix.
Our RV technician Mike also checked a problem with the slide out which eventually could become a major repair, so our customers were advised to have this checked when back in the United States. In the meantime he lubricated the seals with Slide Seal Conditioner, which will temporarily help.
Michele was already giving us a 5 star Google review when we asked if we could take their photo! She said we saved their trip!
5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ GREAT SERVICE'
Keith & Michele

Danny & Malee

reviews swift rv repairs danny malee
Earlier on this page we wrote about a family of 5 from Wisconsin with a true emergency repair.
Fast forward to this lovely family of 5 from Texas with another true emergency as well!
Danny & Malee, along with their dogs Douglas, Dahlia and Maddy were traveling through Alberta with their 2015 Jayco White Hawk Ultra Lite travel trailer, when suddenly their Air Conditioner stopped working. Now that’s a big problem if you’re traveling with 3 large dogs in +30 degrees Celsius! They called us and we had them come to our shop immediately, where we ordered, picked up and installed a brand new Dometic 15k BTU A/C unit, along with a Control Kit with black Thermostat, as well as a Dometic Quick Cool Air Distribution Box.
On top of that Danny requested that we do a full brakes inspection and bearing repack. We had to replace the Leaf Springs, Shackles and Bolts - ALL repairs took 2 days to complete so we could get this beautiful couple and their adorable dogs back on the road again, Safe ’n Sound!
Malee invited us to follow their dogs’ adventures on their own instagram account! #vagadogs_pak
‘Best Service Ever!!!!
🤍Danny & Malee (Douglas, Dahlia + Maddy) 
🤍 From TEXAS'

Mel & Randy

reviews swift rv repairs mel randy
Melody & Randy own this very well maintained 2008 StarCraft StarStream Hybrid travel trailer, which they have enjoyed tremendously throughout many years.
They came to us however to do quite a few repairs / upgrades, in order to be able to sell this unit soon, as they are now ready to trade it in for a larger size RV.
We installed a brand new Dometic fridge, did a brakes inspection and bearing repack, installed a new bath faucet, and installed a new roll pin in the gear assembly of the tongue jack hitch.
Thus this unit is pretty much as good as new
’Swift RV Rocks! Dave & the team are simply the best!’
Mel & Randy

Daniella, Joshua and Lily

"Dear Dave & MaryAnn,
I cannot thank you enough for your help with my trailer. Your customer service has been incredible.
I inherited my father's truck when he passed away with the hopes of being able to camp with my children. I am a single mom and I was determined to make this happen.
I am slowly learning about this trailer but you have helped me make this dream come true for my children who were so excited to camp this weekend.
Forever grateful...

Zarak, Sabahat & kids

reviews swift rv repairs sharwani family
Such a wonderful family from Wisconsin, USA!
They were happily touring through Alberta with their own 2021 Coachman Freelander motorhome when their toilet broke down - an absolute emergency for a family of five! Zarak however, was very quick to find and buy a brand new Dometic toilet - he just needed some help removing the broken one, and replacing it with the new one. At Swift RV Repairs, we simply recognize when the need is imminent, and although we usually are super busy during peak season, we were able to fix this right away for them while they were waiting and enjoying their Canadian coffee and donuts inside our lunchroom! 😉
'Amazing & Super friendly Service 😊 Saved our Trip! Thank you’ 🤍
Zarak & Sabahat

Ruth & Larry & Bandit

This beautiful 2016 Classic Airstream travel trailer is owned by this wonderful couple of medical doctors and their gorgeous friendly dog. While traveling from Colorado to Alaska, they encountered electrical problems during a short stay at the SpringHill RV Park in Cochrane. They found us online and read our Google reviews, then called us right away. Despite being extremely busy, we invited them to come out to our Airdrie shop immediately, which they did. One of our RV service technicians diagnosed that they needed a new 60 Amp converter with charger plus a 15M-50F 12” detachable adapter in order to restore their electrical issues. The parts were ordered immediately - picked up accordingly and installed professionally that same day. Everything working perfectly again, hence their appreciation!  
“Traveling from Colorado to Alaska we broke down. Swift got us going on the same day!”
Ruth & Larry (and Bandit)

Darcy & Maryke

reviews swift rv repairs darcy maryke

Who ever says that newer trailers are better than older ones should have a chat with Darcy & Maryke. When the pandemic started, they purchased a 1971 Kustom Koach travel trailer and they absolutely fell in love with it. They knew however that this trailer needed some major repairs, and Darcy, being quite handy, did a lot of work to it himself. That said, he wanted Swift RV Repairs to do a full Safe ’n Sound inspection - this brought forward that the RV needed 2 brand new straight axles, complete with hubs, brake assemblies, U bolts and springs. A brand new 12 Volt battery was also installed, as well as a brand new propane regulator, propane bottle pigtails and propane supply hose. All this was professionally replaced/installed by our very skilled RV service technician Aaron. Now this delightful Airdrie couple can get back on the road again, almost as good as new! 

Darcy & Maryke:
'Amazing Service - Thank You!'

Chris & Chris

This super nice couple from High River brought their 2005 Kodiak 32’ 5th Wheel travel trailer to Swift RV Repairs to have a brand-new 15’ awning canvas, a new landing gear stabilizer and all new decals on the outside walls of their trailer installed. On top of that, they wanted their well maintained trailer buffed and polished on all sides, a colossal detailing job, which in the end, turned out well worth it! These smiling faces make us proud and we wish our satisfied customers happy camping and safe trails!

Chris & Chris:
"Fantastic Service - RV Looks Like New!"

Lorne & Sherry

reviews swift rv repairs lorne sherry
This friendly couple came down from Edmonton for a major repair regarding slide out issues with their 40' National Pacifica motorhome. They were referred to us by another great couple that are satisfied customers of Swift RV Repairs.
The 29' slide on this big rig would not engage, but the problem was swiftly diagnosed by our RV technician Jesse, after Lorne & Sherry brought this unit into our shop.
Both Jesse and Dave communicated extensively with them regarding some other issues they found and with Lorne & Sherry’s approval all the necessary repairs were completed thoroughly and professionally.
They were happy to pose for this photo.
Thank you Lorne & Sherry!
Safe and happy trails on your next big trip down south of the border!
Loren & Sherry:
"Thank you for great swift service and terrific updates. Highly recommend!"

Shanna & Maxim

Shanna & Maxim from Quebec are traveling throughout Canada with their renovated schoolbus motorhome. While in Banff, their diesel operated heater broke down. Fortunately they found us on Google and drove to our shop in Airdrie after having called us. 
It took 2 days to get it fixed as we had to order a brand new Espar heater and have our very knowledgeable RV tech Jesse install it professionally for them. They are able to continue their travels and stay warm inside! Bon voyage a vous deux!
Shanna & Maxim:
“Criss de belle gang et tres bon service! Merci Swift RV repairs”


Fred & Melba

Fred & Melba are living north of Edmonton, but were visiting family in Tsuu T’ina, Alberta in July 2021 , with their Jayco Pinnacle 5th Wheel travel trailer. Suddenly, they encountered problems with their bedroom slide, and they contacted us right away. They had found us on Google and due to our 5 star rating, called us and were delighted that we acknowledged their emergency and could help them immediately. They drove out to our location, and the repairs were completed swiftly and successfully in 1 day. They were extremely relieved that they could resume their holidays without any further issues. One of the nicest couples we have met and such a pleasure having exchanged interesting stories! 

Fred & Melba:
"Immediate service during our holiday. Fast, friendly, quality work."

Gary & Eileen

These two lovely ‘snowbirds’ are living inside their 40 feet 2001 Suncruiser Motorhome year round, of which they spend about six winter months in Arizona, and the other six months in Alberta. On their way from the US to Canada, they blew one of their tires, which in turn blew out almost the entire wheel well. On top of that they encountered issues with their slide-out motor. The solenoid was gone, which affected the stabilizer pads. They steered their unit straight to Swift RV repairs, where everything was completely repaired and restored to our delightful customers’ satisfaction.

Eileen & Gary:
“Excellent, Friendly, Professional Service. Would recommend to all.”

Neal & Jennifer

Neal & Jennifer have a lovely family with 2 teenage kids, and they all love camping with their tent trailer. They needed some issues repaired before their next camping trip. Swift RV Repairs replaced the propane regulator and the supply pigtail, and also tightened 2 propane connections that were leaking. One of the back corners of the trailer had cracked open which left a gap, so this was fixed with a reinforced steel angle on the inside. The roof vent cover was found left unsealed, which possibly could’ve caused some water leakage, so we applied Dicor roof sealant all around. This 1995 Palomino tent trailer is in great condition again, and ready for yet another fun family adventure!

Mark & Peg

They had a new awning topper installed on their fifth wheel travel trailer. At the same time they had a roof repair done as well as an electrical issue serviced.

Peg & Mark:
“GREAT SERVICE. Prompt & reliable. Excellent workmanship.”

John & Richard

We are happy campers again, after Swift RV Repairs fixed a dent in our rear bumper of their motorhome, right in time for the first camping weekend of the spring!

Larry & Ann

Their motorhome had a leak in the fresh water system. Swift RV Repairs fixed it fast so that they could continue enjoying their camping getaways.

Ann & Larry:
“Good job done. Thank you Dave. Glad someone told us about you!!”

Lori, Lulu & Marius

Lori is an avid Rv-er, who flies in all the way from Germany to Alberta every year to tour the Rockies with his motorhome, which is stored on a storage lot here in the Calgary area. This year he brought along his daughter and son-in-law, but they encountered some problems. We found the first problem with the LP propane device. It was not sending a signal to the switch on the propane tank to open the valve. We also found some wiring problems in the grounds and power wires. We ran new wiring from the gas line switch to a new switch at the newly installed LP Propane detector.
Then we found a problem with the converter. It was not sending a charge to the coach batteries when the converter was plugged into shore power – it was also not providing 12 volt power to the coach. A new converter and new 6 volt deep cycle batteries for the coach were installed as well. Swift RV repairs took care of the issues, and minimized travel time lost.

The Germans: Lori, Lulu, Marius
“Excellent Service!”

Cindy & Dave

Cindy & Dave were traveling in Alberta from British Columbia. Suddenly they encountered some roof vent and plumbing issues. They found our website online, and we were able to get them in right away to service their motorhome swiftly and professionally, so they could get back on the road again.

Cindy & Dave Fuller, BC, Canada:
“LOVE the great personalized service.”

Marcos Costa

In July 2017, Swift RV Repairs was on site for an immediate service call at the Calgary Stampede grounds to help Marcos Costa (Stampede calf roping competitor) fix a problem with his RV. We hope to see you back at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth next year Marcos, and wish you the best of luck!

Rex & Donna

We had our valued customers, Rex & Donna, coming in for a filon RV repair.

Donna & Rex:
“Swift RV very thorough and excellent work.”

Ghost Lake

We provided an on site furnace repair for this client at Ghost Lake, AB, where his RV was stored.

Peter, Ghost Lake:
“Great job Dave and Marianne. Pleasure doing business!”

Bob & Diane

"We own a 2005 travel trailer that we have had set up in a permanent camp site since new. We noticed last year that we had a water leak in the roof and we could smell mold developing. We brought our trailer home last season to repair the problem ourselves.
We started to repair the problem and soon we realized that we were well in over our heads in order to resolve the issue.
We contacted Swift RV repairs to complete the repair. They replaced some of the roof trusses and sheeted the roof with plywood. They then insulated and replaced some of the interior ceiling panels.
We are happy with the repairs and would recommend their services to anyone needing this type of repair."

Bob & Diane

Jack & Astrid

"We bought our travel trailer used and being new to everything camping, we chose to buy it at a well known RV dealership. Though we love our travel trailer, there were some issues that needed to be resolved. Unfortunately the dealership where we bought our trailer was great during the buying process but turned out to be horrible concerning their service department. Summer was approaching and we wanted to get out to go camping. We came across Swift RV Repairs website and decided to have our trailer looked after by them. They were very accommodating! They came to our house to look at the trailer and they were able to resolve some minor issues on the spot. They picked up our trailer at a day convenient to us, took it to their shop for a day and checked it out completely to make sure that everything was in great condition. It was very affordable, super quick service and reliable. They recently winterized our trailer as well. We can highly recommend Swift RV Repairs if you are looking for a trust worthy company to look after your RV."

Jack & Astrid

Ryan Fernhout

"Dave is great to deal with and always very accommodating. My heater was not working and they did all of the trouble shooting to figure out why. They even revived my battery, which I thought was toast. I was given a full explanation of the work done and tips on how to trouble shoot in the future, which is super helpful when you are out on a camping trip. I will definitely be going back if I ever need something serviced and would recommend Swift RV Repairs to friends and family."


Nick Bateman

"Best place to go to get timely, honest, and effective service."


Karl Garbrecht

"I had a few repairs and upgrades needed on my camper and they did a good job on all of them. I really liked their flexible hours and quick service."


We believe that RV Repairs should be clear, simple, fast, and affordable.




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