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RV Propane System Repair Calgary

Why is my Propane not flowing?

There are questions you begin to ask yourself when one (or all) of your propane appliances stops working. The propane system in your RV is probably the one that gets the most use because it is used for heating the unit, the hot water tank, cooling the fridge and cooking. It's important for the owner to get to know the components of your particular unit. Although there are certain differences based on manufacturer, year or model ,the basic parts have the same application.

How do I test my RV propane System?

When you start to diagnose what the propane issue is with your unit you should start with your propane tanks.It may sound obvious but make sure your tank valves are open. This is a common issue based on the amount you use your unit and how often you fill up your tanks. Also make sure there is actually propane in the tanks. If there is a leak in the system you may not have any propane left.
If all this checks out you may have a faulty regulator or bad pigtail attached to the tanks.

Is my propane regulator bad?

The time it takes to diagnose the problem can be lengthy due to the many various issues that can be occurring in your unit. It could be a low flow from the regulator or thermocouple, maybe your pilot will not light or you don’t have a healthy strong blue flame and the system is detecting it and shutting down. It could also be a wiring issue or a problem with the DSI (Direct Spark Ignitor). It may also be a build up of oil or sludge in the lines due to stale propane from wherever you have your tanks filled.
In any case you will probably be chasing your tail trying to diagnose the issue without the proper tools and the experience to know what to look for. 

Let the licensed/certified and experienced RV technicians at Swift RV Repairs take the job off your hands and get you back on the road quickly and safely. We are just one phone call away: 403-919-4911.

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