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How much will it cost to fix my RV roof?

How much does a rubber roof cost?

The best thing you can do as a RV owner is to keep the roof of your unit clean and inspect it often. You may think taking the time to get up on the roof is more of a hassle than it's worth. But, nothing could be further from the truth. This is much better than ignoring the issue and ending up having an expensive and lengthy repair to your unit. On average you can expect $325 to $350 a linear foot for the rubber roof on your RV. This of course is just to have the rubber roof changed and sealed. If there are structural issues with the plywood or the trusses the bill can be even more costly. 

How often should i have my RV roof inspected and resealed?

When you do inspect your roof and you think it needs to be resealed, make sure you use a sealant that is compatible with the type of roof on your unit. 


What is my RV roof made of?

Older unit’s may have a fiber glass or aluminum roof or even in some cases vinyl roofing. A lot of newer units will have an EPDM or synthetic rubber roof over a thin layer of plywood. So, it's important to know what you are dealing with. When you are cleaning your roof, make sure you don’t use petroleum based solvents or any citrus ingredients. These will damage the rubber. Fiber glass will oxidize over time and to help with that you can polish the finish. Check with your manufacturer to find out which products are available for your application.
If you do have a water leak that has been causing damage for a while it could lead to further damage of the structures in the roof. Trusses and sheathing could have rotted out and the integrity of the structure could be compromised. This will only be determined after the rubber has been pulled back and the components have been inspected unless you can see physical damage visible on the inside of your unit. 
If there is moisture in the wall or ceiling you may also be dealing with mold on the wall board, insulation and framing inside the wall. This will need to also be removed and replaced. If not, you run the risk of respiratory infections from the mold.


Can I just patch my rv roof?

If this sort of damage occurred during the warmer season of the year and you don’t have it taken care of, the water damage can also freeze and expand and compound your problem by expanding and blowing out seams, trims and other parts in your RV.
If you inspect your RV and you suspect an issue with your roof or any other parts you can count on Swift RV Repairs and our certified/licensed and experienced RV technicians to fix it quickly and properly, and get you back on the road again safe ’n sound. Give us a call and make an appointment: 403-919-4911.

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