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Our Swift RV Repairs Team, serves all communities in and around Airdrie/Calgary

Crossfield, Beiseker, Irricana, Keoma, Delacour, Dalroy, Conrich, Chestermere, Langdon, Indus, Dalemead, Strathmore, Carseland, Mossleigh, Blackie, High River, Aldersyde, Okotoks, Black Diamond, DeWinton, Turner Valley, Priddis, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Cochrane, Dogpound, and Madden.

We get you on the road again!

Our certified team of RV Technicians is ready and eager to get you on the road again. Why? Because there's one thing all our team members have in common: We love HAPPY CAMPERS! Seeing you leave for your trip with a smile on your face, makes all of us smile as well. So bring in your RV when something needs to be fixed. We promise to repair it in the least amount of time possible. Contact us today!


Dave Forrest

founder / CEO

'I have always had a passion for everything RV related.
My love for RV life started at an early age. I would help my dad hook up the travel trailer, so we could enjoy a fun weekend of camping. I recall a weekend where the furnace would not fire up and we were all preparing for a cold uncomfortable fall night. As luck would have it, there just happened to be a mobile rv repair technician in the same campground that solved the furnace problem.

Today, I still have that same passion in helping people fulfill their weekend dreams, and I have chosen to do this thru Swift RV Repairs.'

Miss Ellie


'I love chasing my tail.
Every now and then I run around the office to make sure everyone stays focused. Though the weird part is that no one is when I'm just dropping by each team member to say 'hi'. They sometimes scratch behind my ear and then I can't help but staying in the shop a bit longer than planned... How can you say 'no' to an ear scratch, right?!

One of my tasks is to protect the office but you can come in anytime during office hours and I'll be greeting you with a wagging tail!'

Marianne Forrest

Office Manager

‘Swift RV Repairs – how may I help you?
You need help and we’re here for you.

As long as I can remember I have always loved spending time in the great outdoors. Whether it was because it meant spending quality time with family members, or actually enjoying being right in the middle of nature, I have loved going from camping in small tents, large tents, tent-trailers and the jump to motorhomes and RV’s, the fun and excitement I get from that has only grown more passionate over the years. When I met Dave I was thrilled to find out we share that same passion, and the decision to start our own mobile RV Repair business was an easy one. Not being a very patient person myself, I find it paramount that our customers get the swift service and attention they deserve! We are dedicated to get you back on the road again!'


Licensed and certified RV technician

Aaron has been in the business for 6+ yrs as an RV technician.
He’s a quiet, yet a hard worker, and RV reconstruction is one of his best traits. Aaron came to work for us in the Spring of 2020, when Covid had just started and the RV industry had an enormous influx due to people not being able to travel outside of their province, which led to everyone wanting to own an RV. Aaron truly appreciates being part of our Swift Team, and especially likes our new location in Airdrie.


Apprentice RV service technician

Tyler is actually an Apprentice RV service technician, but with an impressive background in the RV repair industry. Tyler’s father happens to be a true veteran with some 30+ years as a certified RV technician, and we can already see that the on-the-job training and experience Tyler has received working alongside his dad certainly has given him a huge advantage, while working towards his journeyman certification.

At this time (besides helping with repairs) Tyler is our main parts & services guy. He really knows what is needed for an RV repair and where to get it. He also checks in arriving customers, and has helped many people ’troubleshoot’ over the phone.

Happy to have you on our team Ty!


Licensed and certified RV technician


Mike walked into our office one fine day, unexpectedly - just like that, resume in hand with all the right qualifications - answering our ad for a much needed extra RV service technician. A very skilled and likeable guy, the size and disposition of (a younger version) Santa Claus, he fit in really well with our team right away.

With more than 4 years of experience in our industry under his belt, he has shown us to be a very valuable worker. We truly appreciate his friendly, calm and quiet demeanour, yet we have noticed as well that he has a cool, dry sense of humour.

Glad he came to us, welcome to the Swift staff Mike! 


Licensed and certified RV technician

tim swift rv repairs

'Decades of experience under my belt.'
Tim is a Gold Seal licensed and certified RV technician for 30+ years and has been both self employed and working for several RV Dealerships during that time. He joined our team in the Spring of 2020 and ever since has shown his vast knowledge of RV repairs and excellent workmanship. On top of that he also goes on many service calls. Tim says he’s a shy person, but if you get to know him, he’s quite an expressive funny guy who can appreciate a good joke!

We believe that RV Repairs should be clear, simple, fast, and affordable.




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calgary rv trailer repair
Swift RV Repairs serves the communities of Airdrie, Crossfield, Beiseker, Irricana, Keoma, Delacour, Dalroy, Conrich, Chestermere, Langdon, Indus, Dalemead, Strathmore, Carseland, Mossleigh, Blackie, High River, Aldersyde, Okotoks, Black Diamond, DeWinton, Turner Valley, Priddis, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, Cochrane, Dogpound, Madden.
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