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Biggest RV Camping Mistakes

How to avoid some of the biggest RV camping mistakes

There really is no wrong time of the year to go camping with your RV.
It all depends on your preference and your sense of adventure.
But what if this is your very first trip - ever?
The way to make your first outdoor adventure a success is to plan ahead and to take all the necessary steps in order to properly prepare. Yet, even then, you have to be aware that on this first trip, you’ll find out that you will have forgotten certain things, or you weren’t prepared for some unexpected issues. It will undoubtedly be a learning curve - but your experience will improve with every trip after that!

Here are 8 valuable Tips to be better prepared:

1: Your very first precaution will be to ensure that your RV is in ’shipshape’. If you have just bought one from a RV dealership, whether brand new or used, you’ll be okay for a while because you have acquired the proper insurance, and your RV dealership would not have let you taken your RV without a full PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection). However, if you’ve purchased a used RV directly from the previous owner, you’d want to be 100% sure that it has had a full Safe ’n Sound (32-point inspection) - which Swift RV Repairs can do for you, so you’ll be able to get on the road with peace of mind. One very important thing besides learning all the different workings of your RV, is to make yourself familiar with all the dimensions of your RV, such as length, weight, and height. Knowing this by heart can help you determine the maximum weight you are able to tow with your vehicle, the minimum height you’ll need to drive underneath an overpass, and the length of your unit in order to park it in the right size camping spot.
2: Be sure to make a list of all the items you want and need to take with you on your trip. At the same time it is important to not overstock.
Ask yourself whether you really need certain items, or not - and you may save yourself hauling extra (unnecessary) weight. Be sure to keep the weight divided evenly (as much as possible) on all sides of the RV. Try not to place much more extra weight (i.e. a generator) on your slide out, as this could damage the hydraulic slide-out system. It’s always better to place heavy items inside the cargo area anyway. 
A First Aid Kit is a ‘must have’ though, don’t leave home without it, same as all your other safety and fire prevention items: fire extinghuiser or a fire blanket, smoke and CO2 detectors plus extra batteries.
3: Inform yourself fully regarding your camping destination. Even for ’spur of the moment’ trips, a little research beforehand can save you a lot of stress. How to get there (best route), and ‘do you need a reservation?’ Do you need to buy a “Provincial Parks’ license? Are there any amenities- what is the terrain like? Gravel/paved/grassy or muddy? Will the campground be quiet, or busy with families/kids? Are there firepits/picnic table available? So many things to find out before you go, but once you have all your answers, there’ll be less disappointments upon arrival at your destination.
4: Ensure to be aware of the weather forecast. As it sometimes may be unpredictable, it will be smart to be prepared for both warm and cold weather conditions with regards to bringing proper clothing. You need to have your propane bottles full in case you need to run your furnace longer than anticipated, and don’t forget to bring sunscreen and bug spray - especially if you’re parking your RV near water or in a wooded area.
5: Food and drinking water are major essentials of course. You’ll never know for sure if the water at your destination is good for consumption, or just potable - which it will be most of the time. It is also always wise to pack enough food and drinks for an extra day or two, in case plans change, with or without intent. 
6: Although there is nothing more romantic than camping under the stars, you’d want to plan to be at your destination site before dark. Sometimes there is no other way, due to not being able to leave early, or due to having been stuck on the road in traffic. If possible, and especially when you’re still new at RV camping, allow yourself plenty of daylight to set up your campsite. You will thank yourself when you can clearly see what you’re doing - it gives you the opportunity to take the time to organize better and it prevents you from tripping over things you can’t see in the dark!
7: Always clean your BBQ thoroughly with soap after cooking - food residu left behind on the grill will attract wildlife to your site - food leftovers and garbage will have to stay inside your RV until you can dispose of it in designated containers, safely and securely.
If you have purchased new equipment to be used at your campsite, make sure to have tried and tested it before you travel. No matter whether it is a new BBQ, heated camping chair, or a propane fire pit, you don’t want to find out the item you’re unpacking at the campsite is defect.
8: Last but not least, if this is your actual 'maiden voyage' with your RV, it would be a good idea to not go too far from home. Make it a ’test run’ first to see how everything is working for you and your family. Then make a list of all the things that went wrong or you would like to change, so you can correct this the next time you’re heading out without having te memorize all the details!
Swift RV Repairs Inc. is wishing all you brand new RV-ers a fantastic time during all your travels!
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