About Us

Dave-Forrest-PhotoI have always had a passion for RV life that started at an early age. I would help my dad hook up the travel trailer, so we could enjoy a fun weekend of camping. I recall a weekend where the furnace would not fire up and we were all preparing for a cold uncomfortable fall night.

As luck would have it, there just happened to be a mobile rv repair technician in the same campground that solved the furnace problem.

Today, I still have that same passion in helping people fulfill their weekend dreams, and I have chosen to do this thru Swift RV Repairs


marianne‘Swift RV Repairs – how may I help you?’
Hi, I’m Marianne,

You need help and we’re here for you. In fact, we’re comin’ right at ya, if that works better for you!
As long as I can remember I have always loved spending time in the great outdoors. Whether it was because it meant spending quality time with family members, or actually enjoying being right in the middle of nature, I have loved going from camping in small tents, large tents, tent-trailers and the jump to motorhomes and RV’s, the fun and excitement I get from that has only grown more passionate over the years. When I met Dave I was thrilled to find out we share that same passion, and the decision to start our own mobile RV Repair business was an easy one. Not being a very patient person myself, I find it paramount that our customers get the swift service and attention they deserve! We are dedicated to get you back on the road asap!