What We Repair

RV Trailer Repairs Alberta On-site:

We service and repair all makes of RV appliances including Fridge, Freezers, Stove tops and Ovens, Furnaces and Thermostats.Some of these repairs can be easily resolved on site.
Water systems:
We service and repair all brands of Water Pumps, Water Lines, Holding Tanks and Faucets.Send us a photo of the problem or issue. We may be able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone.
Waste systems:
We service and repair all makes of Toilets, Drains, and Black & Grey Holding Tanks.
Propane Systems:
We service and repair all brands of Propane Valves, Distribution lines, and Tank Replacement.Propane issues can be very serious issues to resolve. We have Certified Technicians to deal with these kinds of problems.
Electrical Systems:
We service and repair all types of 110 and 12 Volt Systems including all components such as Lights, Converters and Batteries.Always check your fuses first.
Brake Systems and Bearings:
We service and repair all components in the operation of your braking system, including the performance of your wheel bearings. These are systems that require regular maintenance and usually don’t show signs of problems until there is a critical failure. Ask us about our seasonal specials.
Awning issues:
We service and repair the operational systems of your awnings whether it be a power or manual awning.


Exterior repairs:
We can provide exterior repairs as a result of Hail Damage or Insurance Claims.
Exterior repairs:
Cosmetic wear and tear and structural damage.
Roof Repairs:
We can complete full roof repairs. As time passes RV roof systems can break down from the effects of UV Ray exposure. This can allow water to enter the roof system, causing extensive damage to the interior ceiling.

What we don’t repair.

We don’t service any vehicle engines or mechanical brakes as we don’t employ certified staff to do this type of work.