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Does renovating a RV add value to it for resale?

rv renovations calgary

Over the last several years we have seen many changes to the RV lifestyle and what people expect from their RV. Many people see it as an extension of their home and want many of the same comforts they enjoy at home.
Many people also want to take older trailers and make something new out of them. If you want to simply flip the RV to make some money, what profit you make will greatly depend on the condition of the unit to start with, the age of it and the extent of renovations and upgrades you make. Personalizing it is one thing, but making it attractive for resale is completely different.


Where do I start when renovating my RV?

Once you begin to renovate your RV you may find problems that were previously hidden within the walls of the unit. These issues may derail your plans right off the bat, depending on the extent of the issues you find. You may uncover water damage, structural issues, leaky windows etc.


Can I paint my RV interior?

For a quick fix, you can paint walls, cabinets and doors. This will greatly improve the look and give it an updated look for resale. But when you put lipstick on a pig, in the end it’s still a pig. 
If your goal is to make something new out of your RV the possibilities are endless. We have had people transform old Boler trailers into Beer Kegs, complete with a tap system for use at trade shows and fairs.
Some have converted old school buses into motorhomes or even cargo trailers into offices with added sleeping quarters. It’s really up to you. It depends on your vision, the time you want to put into it and the cost you're willing to spend on it. 


Can I put new flooring in my RV?

At Swift RV Repairs we have licensed/certified and experienced RV technicians that like to think outside the box and enjoy seeing what can come out of these types of projects.
For more extensive renovations you may change or add a new fridge, hot water tank, stove/oven or microwave. As well as flooring, wall panels, window blinds or renovate the bathroom with a new toilet, vanity and sink.
If you do plan on doing this work yourself you may find it quickly becoming way harder than you expected. You may also find you require tools you are going to need like power nailers, air staplers and other specialty tools. So, you may want to rethink the whole thing and just give Swift RV Repairs a call and see what we can do to bring your idea to life. 
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calgary rv trailer repair
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