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Should I power wash my RV?

How Do I Detail my RV?

Anyone who owns an RV knows the struggle to keep it clean is real. Obviously being out in the elements all the time is the biggest factor. Most of us don’t have a location where we can store our units inside. That being said, even if we did we couldn’t keep the unit clean all the time unless you are not using it and keep it covered all the time. But, we buy them to use them and being on the road you’re going to get them covered in everything from bug guts, to mud and lord knows whatever else you come across on your adventures. 

Can I use dish soap to clean my RV? 

The best time to detail and clean your RV is right after you finish using it, but who has time for that? But a quick wipe down of the interior with a wet cloth and a run through the car wash certainly won’t hurt. So, the best we can do is try and clean it a few times a year. 

When should I wax my RV?

When you detail your RV make sure you first check the manufacturer recommended products to use on all surfaces. Abrasive and harsh chemicals can do a lot of damage to the coatings, paint and other surfaces inside and out of your RV. Even seemingly mild products like dish soap can cause damage to paint, gel coats and other surfaces.
You can use products like Windex or similar glass cleaners, Vinegar is a good natural cleaner and if you don’t like the smell just add a little lemon to your spray bottle of vinegar and water mix for a nicer fragrance. Use a soft cloth or sponge to further protect from damage.

How much does it cost to Detail my RV?

For the exterior you can use the scrub brush at your local car wash but make sure it is clean and clear of anything on the bristles that may scratch your paint.
It is not recommended to use a power washer on your unit, especially the roof. The amount of water pressure force that is produced by the power washers is far more than what is required. Old fashioned elbow grease with a wash brush, a bucket and a garden hose will work just as well.
Unfortunately, due to the lack of a ‘wash bay’ and limited space inside our shop, we are not able to perform any professional RV detailing at this time.

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calgary rv trailer repair
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