Nobody likes to see a snowy picture in the middle of summer!
However, Swift RV Repairs wants to alert the vast community of Canadian ’snowbirds’ well ahead of time, that due to Covid-19, this year heading down south in the fall may not be an option. That said, lots of people are living inside their RV/Trailer year round in Canada. If you’ve ever wondered how they can stay warm enough inside throughout our Canadian winters, then the answer is: Skirting!
Believe it or not, the thick and durable canvas surrounding the entire circumference of your RV is preventing the cold wind from blowing underneath, thereby keeping the heat inside the unit at a steady temperature, and reducing overuse of the furnace. On top of that it also helps with keeping out rodents, keeping stored items dry and safe, and from an aesthetic point of view it looks great!
Swift RV Repairs is working closely together with Airdrie Canvas and is officially designated to measure and install RV skirts on location, so comin’ right at ya!
To read all about the various custom made options and possibilities, click the following link:
Or give Airdrie Canvas a call, they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!