Leaking roof repair RV

A6267690-D817-4C47-B4D7-42103D32BD1BJust when you thought you were ready to go on your first planned camping trip of the season, guess what? You find out that you need a roof repair because it has been leaking. Water has run down through the roof and the walls of your trailer… which has caused excessive damage to you RV.

2FCA6481-B1A5-467C-88CD-128A14A295ECWhen the trailer came into our shop for repair, we opened up the roof from the outside in and exposed the damaged materials. The rotten plywood and wet insulation was replaced, a new ceiling panel was installed on the inside and we re-installed the existing rubber membrane.

roof-leaking-trailer-rv-repairThe tin was folded back and reconnected, the roof was sealed properly and the end result was as good as new! The entire job took 2 days to complete, and our customer was very satisfied. He was able to enjoy his planned camping trip, but with peace of mind as no more leaking occurred.