RV Winter Camping is very popular in Alberta, which is no surprise since we have such a picture perfect backyard. Big problems may arise though, if an RV Winter Camper goes off into a winter wonderland unprepared. This may lead to distress and major disappointment because issues with waterlines, appliances, furnace or lack of proper ventilation may occur, as well as possibly some real unsafe and dangerous situations! It may turn off RV enthusiasts from camping altogether – we definitely don’t want this to happen to anyone!

To avoid problems, the right preparation is key to a successful and thoroughly enjoyable RV winter camping experience:

The biggest and most common problem is frozen water lines, which is why winterizing your RV is so important.
Using the right RV-antifreeze (ethanol free) will prevent your water lines from freezing and cracking, thus help you save money on damage repairs.

TIP from Dave:
“Pour one half of a jug of anti-freeze into the grey tank through the kitchen sink, and the other half in the black tank through the toilet.
Repeat this after every RV Winter Camping outing”.

Some campgrounds stay open year round, which may give you access to electricity. However, if it is not available, or if you choose to go off the grid, ensure that you:

  • bring an extra jug of anti-freeze besides (of course) a working generator and a full tank of propane.
  • bring a portable heater, in case your furnace stops working, or you run out of propane.
  • have a working carbon monoxide detector inside your RV (check the expiry date as well, as they are usually good for 10 years)
  • leave a tiny opening of a roof vent or window, which will help with proper air circulation and prevent condensation, even if you’re properly insulated and heated inside your RV.
  • have installed good winter tires – these are essential if you have to track through deep snow.
  • bring a portable winch is also always handy to have, just in case.
  • have an electric blanket on your mattress, this will keep you warm at night.
  • bring plenty of drinking and potable water.
  • don’t forget to bring lots of fire wood and an axe!

Happy campers

Bottom line, you want to have a stress free RV winter camping experience, so call us now to book your 9-point ‘Safe ‘n Sound’ inspection and you will feel secure and confident to head out on your next trip. Remember we want to turn worried campers into happy campers!