Boondocking is just another term for dry camping or camping in the back country, and is allowed on Crown land all over Canada. Simply put, there are no hookups available for water, electricity and sewage hose, so you need to be well prepared before you are planning to head out. You will need empty grey and black tanks, fully charged batteries plus a generator. You also need to be filled up with propane and bring a full tank of fresh water, and of course plenty of food and drinks.

Did you know that there are 3 types of boondocking every RV-er should know about?

1. The overnighter:
Many RV-ers choose to stay at a Walmart parking lot while on their way to their final camping location. This is budget friendly because it’s totally free and completely permissible by Walmart. It is also very convenient if you need to pick up extra supplies, however you will be required to park on the perimeter of the parking lot in order to not take up a lot of parking space that will need to be used by the Walmart customers.

2. Provincial Parks, No Hook-ups:
Most parks have reasonable fees as you only pay for the open spot, and there usually aren’t any hook-ups or amenities. If there are regular outhouses and/or bathroom facilities, then these will stay closed due to Covid-19 until after June 1st. However, reservations can be made online ahead of time so you would be assured a spot, otherwise it will be first come, first serve. Be aware though that most parks have mandatory quiet times which means that you won’t be able to run your generator overnight..

3. Completely off the grid:
This one requires the most advance prep and planning, but the rewards are incomparable, as you will most likely have the entire spot to yourself, how romantic is that… You may be lucky and see a starry night like you’ve never seen before! Be aware that you may not have access to any phone or internet service, so going with family or friends can be useful in case of an emergency.
Always remember to stay both mindful and respectful of our wildlife, and never leave any food (fresh or waste) outside your RV.

Boondocking is self-isolating at its best. Stay Safe ’n Sound campers, and have FUN!