Additional Services

RV Trailer Repairs Additional Services

RV Detailing:
We can make your RV exterior shine like new.
Ask us about our rates for this service.
RV Skirts:
Have you ever used your RV during the winter?
If so, you know better than anyone else that your heat bill increases and your furnace won’t shut off. This can become pretty expensive. By putting a skirt around the bottom of your trailer it will help keep the heat in and cold outside which will cut down on not only heating bills but also on furnace repairs. The skirts are high quality and are manufactured By Airdrie Canvas in Airdrie, AB.
They can be delivered in black or grey and can be insulated or non-insulated to your personal preference.Custom skirting with quality workmanship at a very affordable price.For more information on the product, pricing or to book an appointment you can contact us directly. Or you can visit in Canada for Canadian Winters!
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Transportation & Hauling:
If you don’t have a tow vehicle, we provide
a service to transport your RV to and from your onsite location. Contact us for more information and rates.
RV Storage:
We teamed up with Big Sky RV Storage. They are located close to Calgary and Cross Iron Mills. They provide services such as 45 degree angle parking, 12 ft wide stalls, 30 ft lane way to accommodate even the biggest of RV’S and dump tanks for your convenience.For more information visit their website or give them a call 403.270.7711

What we don’t repair.

We don’t service any vehicle engines or mechanical brakes as we don’t employ certified staff to do this type of work.